myenergi Zappi EV Level 2 Charger

Residential Solar Integrated EV Charger

We are an authorised dealer and installer for UK based "myenergi".  The Zappi EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) is a level 2 charger that can integrate seemlessly with your solar system.  It automatically senses when your solar system has the ability to produce more energy than your home or office is consuming.  It diverts the excess energy to your car which ensures you're charging with as much free solar energy as possible and keeps the car battery topped up so you're ready to go anytime.  There's even a clever boost mode so you can get a fast charge, even at night, ready for an unexpected long journey.

Commercial EV Charging Station

Solarius is launching EV Charging Stations at strategic locations throughout Northern Luzon in 2022.  Our goal is to open 60 "destination" charge points at hotels, shopping malls, and other popular public places.  Reach one of our EV charge enabled hotels at the end of a long day of driving and recharge your car while you sleep.  You'll wake up the next morning refreshed and with a fully charged car all ready to go.  We will be launching an App for your smartphone soon so you can easily find a charging station either in the NCR or in the northern provinces.  The app will allow you to authenticate and activate the charger with RFID or QR Code.  Billing for the charging sessions will be automatically handled via the app for the utmost convenience and reliability.  Customers who buy a residential charger with a solar system will get special discounted rates when charging at our public charging stations.  Keeping your EV fully charged while on a long road trip is easy, convenient, and very affordable; especially compared with the ever rising petrol and diesel costs.

Charge your EV with your PV!!!

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are the new clean energy mobility technology.  Battery and electric motor technology have matured and prices have dropped sufficiently to make these new cars mainstream and commercially viable.  All of the major car manufacturers worldwide are very quickly transitioning their production lines away from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) to full Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV).  It is one of the fastest technological revolutions the world has ever witnessed.  By 2025 more than half the new models will be full electric and most manufacturers have committed to stop producing combustion engine cars completely by 2030.  Several EV models are already available in the Philippines and more are coming every month.  The driving conditions in the Philippines are perfectly suited for EVs and most models have plenty of range for any journey.  Charge your car when you reach your destination and start every day with a full battery and plenty of range.  It's much cheaper and more convenient than filling a fossil fuel burning car at the gas station.  We can even design a properly sized solar system for your home or business so you can keep your car charged for free with the sun and ready to go at any time.