About Us

Established in February 2017, Solarius has grown to become a leading solar dealer and installer in Luzon.  Solarius’ fast expanding customer base spans Cagayan Valley to Bolinao and from Ilocos to Bataan with many customers in Pampanga, La Union and Pangasinan; not to mention Metro Manila and South Luzon provinces.  Solarius caters to the solar energy needs of residential, commercial, and industrial customers with grid-tie, hybrid, and off-grid systems.  We have installed over 4MWp of solar panels and over 2MWh of Lithium-Ion battery storage for more than 200 customers.  Our largest installation is over 400kWp for a hospital in Zambales.


To provide the best quality and most advanced solar technology with the highest installation standards making renewable energy economical for our customers throughout Northern Luzon.


To be the premier professional solar installer in Northern Luzon, providing the most advanced solar technology available cost effectively to both our residential and commercial customers.


Quality - World class, state-of-the-art solar equipment expertly installed to provide decades of maintenance free energy production.

Customer Service - Sophisticated engineering for the best designs according to each customer’s specific requirements.  Trusted post-sale service and support ensuring customer’s systems operate at peak efficiency for 25+ years.

Integrity - Professional and easy to do with business with, Solarius is the most trusted Solar company in the North with honest pricing and always offering customers with the right size and type of solar system for the best return on investment.


Chief Executive Officer:

Peter Wilson is the founder and CEO of Solarius Energy serving since the company’s inception in February 2017.  Mr. Wilson is a seasoned and serial entrepreneur.  Born in London, England he was educated in Europe and in the USA.  He founded his own software development company early in his high-tech career.  He then worked for a series of Silicon Valley based start-ups before mergers and acquisitions brought him into Nokia.  He built technical engineering teams for Nokia in South America and Asia throughout his tenure leading to a 2 year posting in Singapore.  His entrepreneurial spirit then lead him to join another early Silicon Valley startup while building a technical team in his home country of England followed by another 2 years in Singapore.  Peter’s keen interest in renewable energy and the environment as well as a longing for building his own company again lead him to make the leap to Solar Energy.  He acquired an affinity for developing nations as a result of his international responsibilities in the software industry which took him to almost every corner of the globe.  Consequently it was a natural decision to found his solar company in the sunny tropics of the Philippines.  In addition to managing all aspects of the business it is not unusual to find Mr. Wilson on top of a roof inspecting wiring with the installers or picking up equipment at the Makati warehouse following meetings in the city.  Peter often performs quality assurance at the time of system commissioning.

Owner and Vice-President:

Jocelyn Wilson is the owner of Solarius Energy and deals with all legal, banking transactions, accounting, taxes, and employee benefit schemes.  She also heads the sales team and oversees the company’s CRM system.  Jocelyn is passionate about the economic development of the Philippines and Solarius affords her the ability to create highly skilled employment opportunities in her home province of Nueva Vizcaya typically found only in the NCR.  The company is therefore centrally located in Northern Luzon for ready access to the provinces North of Metro Manila.

Accounting Officer:

Joyce  Orden has been with Solarius for a couple of years and manages all of the company's finances as well as logisticsJoyce is in the process of taking her CPA board exam and is a key member of the executive management team.

Solar System Engineer:

Jeffrey Castro is a Registered Electrical Engineer (REE) with a specialisation in solar technology.  Jeff will often interact with customers when performing the site surveys to determine the best location for the panels, inverters and wiring plan.  He then uses that information to create AutoCad drawings of the physical layout, wiring schematics, and generate computer simulations of system performance.  Jeff oversees the installation process on-site ensuring the actual installation is according to plan.  As a qualified electrician he is also responsible for inverter programming, system configuration and commissioning.

Customer Success Engineer:

Isaac Morante takes care of post-sales technical support issues.  He proactively monitors our customer's systems and ensures our EV charging network runs at 99% uptime.  He's only a phone call away for any customers who have concerns about their systems.  Severity 1 (loss of power) issues are handled 24x7 365 days a year.  Severity 2 and 3 issues are handled during normal weekday business hours.  Our tech support number is ‭+63 949 882 0341‬.


Our team of experienced installers have been with Solarius for many years and have installed thousands of solar panels on countless roof types.  They ensure the installations meet Solarius’ exacting quality standards and that the panels are always perfectly flat and aligned for a mirror like finish.