Expert system designs for small residential systems to huge industrial systems with our own Registered Electrical Engineers (REE). We ensure that every customer gets the right size solar system to meet their energy needs and deliver the best possible ROI. Engineering services include:

  • System designs;

  • Return-on-investment modelling;

  • Computer generated energy production simulations;

  • UHD drone video site surveys;

  • Azimuth, shading and temperature loss analysis;

  • Blueprint wiring schematic;

  • AutoCad physical layout design; and

  • Net Metering application assistance.


Our crew of highly trained and experienced installers ensure panels are mounted securely to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Solar panel mounting equipment is aircraft grade aluminium for lightweight durability and withstands wind speeds greater than 250km/h. In most cases we are able to mount the rails perpendicular to the purlins thereby increasing the rigidity of the roof. We use only the highest quality materials including metal conduit and TUV grade PV cables. This ensures our systems fully comply with The Philippine Electrical Code standards and provide decades of trouble free service life. Neat and tidy installations for a professional look our customers can be proud of. Nothing less than perfection will do.

Customer Service

We constantly monitor our customer’s systems with online monitoring tools. SolarEdge systems automatically alert us of any system errors. We often know if there’s a problem and arrange for quick warranty repairs before the customer realises that there’s an issue. We are always just a phone call away for any after-sales questions or support. We also offer panel cleaning services to ensure systems always run optimally.