World's #1 Grid-Tie Inverters

We are proud to be the only certified SolarEdge installer in Northern Luzon.  SolarEdge is the number 1 inverter manufacturer in the world with unique patented DC optimised technology.  SolarEdge systems are very different from any other conventional solar systems and provide more efficiency, better design flexibility, superior safety, and high resolution monitoring to the individual panel level.  This leads to better reliability, higher energy harvests, and lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).  SolarEdge is slightly more expensive up-front than conventional inverters but appeals to our most discerning customers with large residential, commercial, and industrial installations.  Most of our grid-tie customers choose SolarEdge.  Perfect for systems >5kWp with daytime biased energy consumption.  SolarEdge inverters have a 12 year warranty and optimisers have 25 year warranties.  SolarEdge systems typically generate energy at a cost of <P2.5kWh over a 25 year period which is 75% cheaper than today’s average grid rate of P10/kWh.

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State-of-the-Art Hybrid and Off-Grid Inverters

 We are honoured to be recognised as the largest installer of Alpha-ESS’ state-of-the-art hybrid and off-grid solar technology in the Philippines.  Hybrid solar systems allow customers to store excess energy during the daytime in the latest generation Lithium-Ion batteries for self-consumption at night.  This greatly increases customer’s self-sufficiency on solar energy offering much greater monthly savings than typical grid-tie systems can.  Many residential customers are able to zero their monthly bills with a hybrid solar system by powering their homes 24 hours day with stored solar energy.  The batteries are specially engineered for solar applications using Lithium-Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry for maximum safety and long,  maintenance-free service life of 15-20 years.  The benefits of a lithium battery based, hybrid solar system are:

These systems are perfect for customers who have nighttime biased energy consumption and/or frequent brown-outs.  They are significantly more expensive than conventional grid-tie solar systems but do appeal to discerning customers who's priority is self-sufficiency, maximum monthly savings, or off-grid applications.  Hybrid systems typically generate energy at a cost of P6/kWh which is 40% cheaper than today’s average grid rate of P10/kWh.

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Top Quality Conventional Inverters

Solis are top quality conventional grid-tie inverters by Ginlong, the #5 single-phase inverter manufacturer in the world.  They deliver rock solid performance and reliability with the lowest possible cost/watt ratio.  These are the perfect inverters for budget conscious customers or small systems <5kWp with daytime biased energy consumption.  They come with basic, daytime energy production monitoring and export limitation capabilities.  The best choice for customers who just want simple monthly energy savings without the expensive “bells and whistles” of SolarEdge or Alpha-ESS.  These inverters have a 5 year warranty.  Solis grid-tie systems generate energy at a cost <P2/kWh which is more than 80% cheaper than today’s average grid rate of P10/kWh.