Electric Bills are Exploding!!!

Grid electric rates are doubling and even tripling worldwide due to the economic impact of the war in Ukraine, volatile fossil fuel prices, ever increasing demand, and countless other geopolitical reasons.  If rising energy costs are affecting your quality of life or eroding profit margins from your business then read on to learn more about how clean and reliable solar energy can help.

Non-renewable sources of dirty grid energy used to inflate at around 2-3% year-on-year but have increased at alarming rates since 2020.  In times of crisis the price of fossil fuel based energy becomes particularly volatile forcing people to pay much more than they usually do for their energy.  Brown-outs are also becoming more frequent as cooperatives struggle to keep up with grid maintenance and repairs in the face of ever increasing energy demand.

There's no better time to invest in a new solar system:

A small grid-tie solar system can easily reduce your grid energy consumption by 20-30% while a hybrid solar system with Lithium battery energy storage could reduce your consumption up to 100% and even provide emergency backup power during brown-outs.  You can be 100% self-sufficient with solar energy or at least reduce your risk exposure to wildly fluctuating energy rates with a one-time investment in a solar system.

Businesses with high energy consumption are particularly exposed to these volatile energy costs.  A commercial or industrial grade solar system can shield your bottom line from these fluctuations and dramatically lower your operating expenses.  The global energy crisis adds another challenge for companies throughout our nation; solar can help restore operating cost predictability and protect your profit margins.

Financial markets around the world are in turmoil and global economic inflation risks devaluing our currency putting hard earned savings in peril.  However, we can always be sure that the sun will rise every day no matter how bad things get...  A top quality solar system from a trustworthy installer provides clean, reliable energy and a guaranteed return on investment that lasts for 25+ years.  Stop wasting money on high electric bills for dirty and unreliable energy... Generate your own energy with a rooftop solar system and take control of your costs.  A modern solar system can produce energy at a Levelised Cost of Energy (LCoE) of less than P2/kWh.  Grid electricity rates in some parts of the country are higher than P20/kWh.  You can achieve Return-On-Investment break-even in as little as 3 years.

Please contact us so we can advise you on the best solar system that meets your needs and budget.   Invest in SOLAR and put the sun to work powering your life and saving you money for decades to come.