Solar panels and inverter with battery storage. Connected to grid.

Battery storage based solar systems allowing customers to charge the batteries during the daytime with excess energy generated by the solar panels.  Solar energy is then self-consumed at nighttime for significantly higher self-sufficiency and monthly savings.  System automatically switches and powers critical loads with battery power during brown-outs thereby eliminating the need for a generator.  These systems are significantly more expensive than grid-tie solar systems due to the cost of the batteries.  We only offer the latest generation Lithium-Ion (LiFePO4) batteries which offer the longest service life and best ROI value.  This is the best technology for residences that are typically unoccupied during the daytime leading to nighttime biased energy consumption and/or customers with unreliable grid power supply.  Typical ROI break-even is achieved in under 7 years.

Solar panels and inverter. No battery storage. Connected to grid.

This is the most common type of solar systems.  They are the most affordable and offer the quickest return on investment.  They do not have battery storage so can only produce energy during the daytime while the sun is shinning.  Best value is achieved by sizing the system to cover daytime “base load” only where the power generated is immediately self-consumed by the load.  These systems do not function during brown-outs because they do not have batteries for backup power.  Net Metering is widely available by the energy cooperatives throughout Luzon allowing customers to export any excess energy produced by the solar system during the daytime back to the grid.  The cooperative credits the customer’s monthly bill at ~P5/kWh for exported energy to off-set nighttime consumption costs.  This is the best technology for residential customers with daytime Air Conditioning use or large scale commercial/industrial applications.  Typical ROI break-even is achieved in under 3 years.

Solar panels and inverter with battery storage. Not connected to grid.

Solarius specialises in the latest generation and most reliable off-grid systems available.  These systems are 100% self-sufficient and completely independent from grid energy supply.  Perfect for remote sites where grid power is not available or feasible.  As with the Hybrid systems we only use the latest generation Lithium-Ion batteries for our off-grid systems ensuring customers enjoy reliable, self-generated energy for decades.  Our systems range from small 3.2kWp to massive 300kWp and above.  

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