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We are honoured to be named the largest installer in the Philippines of state-of-the-art Alpha-ESS hybrid and off-grid solar systems.  We are also the only certified SolarEdge installer in Northern Luzon.

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We are the premier solar installer in Luzon, providing the most advanced solar technology available cost effectively to both our residential, commercial and industrial customers.  We provide the best quality products with the highest installation standards making renewable energy economical for everyone.


Established in February 2017, Solarius has grown to become the leading solar dealer and installer serving all of Luzon.  Solarius’ fast expanding customer base spans Cagayan Valley to Bolinao and from Ilocos to Bataan with many customers in Pampanga, La Union and Pangasinan not to mention Metro Manila and South Luzon provinces.  Solarius caters to the solar energy needs of residential, commercial, and industrial customers with grid-tie, hybrid, and off-grid systems.  We have installed over 4MWp of solar panels and over 2MWh of Lithium-Ion battery storage for more than 200 customers.  Our largest installation is over 400kWp.